About the Artist

Janine lives in Sydney's Eastern suburbs and came to art late in life, by accident.

"I was gritting my teeth through depression and anxiety triggered by my corporate job, when I simply couldn’t get through another day. So I was forced to take some personal leave to get help. I found myself at a loss of how to fill my time, so I decided to join a painting class. I arrived with fear and trepidation, never having lifted a brush before, and certain that I would emerge feeling worse and more helpless and useless than I did before walking in. But to my total surprise, after my first 2 hour session, I felt mentally better than I had in months. I was astounded and completely intrigued by the chemical brain response to those 2 hours. Since then, painting has become an important part of how I care for my mental health, as well as a complete love and passion."

Janine is inspired by all that surrounds her - the beautiful seascapes and landscapes of Sydney.

"I love to connect with the contemporary energy of my surroundings, but also love to explore the historic enjoyment of it in bygone eras. So much has changed, but in another sense, nothing has changed. We still love to play and recreate along our shores, and the 'lung' of the ocean and our coastline shall always remain the frame of this wonderfully beautiful land I'm lucky enough to call home."

Janine began her life in the US and was educated in South Africa. She did a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Anthropology, and post-graduate studies in Business. It was her work that brought her to our shores in 1997, where she met and married her Kiwi husband. They lived in India and Thailand for several years with their two children before returning to Sydney. 

In her spare time Janine loves swimming and exploring the variety of bays and beaches around Sydney, immersing herself in its moods and getting to meet its creatures.