Waverley Library Exhibition "BEFORE NOW" 26 Aug - 21 Sep 2022

Invitation to the Opening Event

Thursday 1 September 6-8pm

Waverley Library Galleries 32-48 Denison St, Bondi Junction


" BEFORE NOW " - the connection between our past and present.

Today has evolved from every day before it, and by looking in the rear-view mirror, we can catch a fleeting glimpse of just a few of them.

I am drawn to historic images of our environs, and love to re-imagine them in colour. When we look at old black and white photos, we can be tricked into believing that life was dull and 'lived in black and white'. But historic times and people were as colourful as we are today, and they lived in full colour. This body of work reminds the viewer that colour has always been present, even "Before Now".

I have explored our local community through a retrospective mirror, depicting (mostly) our iconic coastal playground in past eras. The works examine and depict coastal life and recreation, and shows that, while what we wear on our beaches has changed immensely, the psyche of beach goers hasn’t. We were then, and are still, a land of people who flock to the edges of our continent to relax, play, breathe and ‘commune-icate’.

The Australian community phenomenon of surf-lifesaving is almost as iconic as our most famous beaches themselves. It has developed from the reality that our beaches, while providing great energy and relaxation to our people, are equally treacherous and claim many lives each year.